Sorry i havent done a blog post! things have been super hectic, where i barely have time to do them because i get home so late. so far everything is still great! i spent my first full weekend here in phili and it was great! on Friday we went to the art museum and saw a small jazz concert thing and that was really nice. on Saturday we spent the day in the city, first we went to south street then to old city then to the Italian market, i liked old city the best because of the cobblestone streets. Philadelphia is very similar to Boston just bigger, i like it a lot here! i wish i could live here! then we went to the Arden theater and saw a play about family dynamics which was super interesting. i also had my first famous Philadelphia cheese steak which was huge and delicious and its just like a hamburger except ten times better.


school is great! I love it here! My classes are fun, the teachers are super funny, and its full of great people. today was the first meaningful worship meeting. We sat in silence for an hour and it was great. It was a great experience and i really got to think about where i am in my life and my goals and just about life in general. At one point a sophomore from their school stood up and said i was arrested this weekend at a civil disobediance thing. And he continued tot alk about how amazing it was and how even the cops spent 10 minutes in silence before proceeding to arrest more people. I found this amazing, and i have just finished tracking down a quaker meeting house to attend in my hometown.

Today was great! School has become less overwhelming and more fun, im meeting so many people and its great! They have no dress code, and you can use your phone whenever which i find to be so cool. Also the food is really good. There are so many people and the campus is huge it is so different then my school but its a great change. i love everything so far!!

Network exchange!

I arrived around two pm me and my mom had lunch with my host family and got to know them. Then once my mom left we went to pick up there dog and we went to their favorite restaurant, we ate dinner talked. It was fun! Once we got pack lucy helped me unpack in the guest room which is beautiful! The neighborhood is great its just less then a ten minute walk into the center of town where we could go to the gym, get food, go thrift shopping! I love the location and im so excited to start school tommorow!